Jackie Please

Rock soul songs with a roots groove. Songs with lots of contrast and dynamic, bluesy vocals. The lyrics are inspired by the everlasting search for freedom and the emptiness that comes with total freedom.

Jackie Please is provocative and likes to use weird themes like animals and symbolic figures. For instance, death is a major theme in all the lyrics, not as a dooming figure, but as the ultimate free fighter: because of our limited time, we learn how to love and live.

I bow before the mystery
He makes me what I am
He keeps me going
Death is always near
It comes with the job, he said
it comes with the job

Jackie Please is inspired by Rhythm’n’blues – Rosetta Tharpe, Muddy Waters – , rock – Audioslave, Alabama Shakes, RATM – but also by neo soul  -Erykah Badu – and other great artists – Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, Rag’n’Bone Man.

Jackie Please Podium Totaal - Pic by Pim GeertsLyrics

Fairytales (Jim Henson) and strong, female historical figures are a great inspiration in lyrics. F.i. the song ‘Keel Over’ is about Mary Read, the first female pirate in 1600 who pulled the government a leg.

Paintings (Jheronimus Bosch), poetry (a Million Moves by Rumi), quantum mechanical concepts and the freedom that comes within fractals, lucid dreaming, social issues, religious issues, and the power of money versus freedom, are inspiring things to think about the concept of freedom of mind.These thoughts are translated into little stories about daily life and symbolic stories, ranging from stories about maffioso to a story about a Russian refugee.

Lured in the darkness for a year or two
Till I couldn’t remember my needs are only few
Doubt is my freedom
Doubt is my guide
Freedom is blind

Cordula Klein Goldewijk

Jackie Please = Cordula Klein Goldewijk. Growing up with music she started performing at a young age and recorded several albums. She performed on TV (NCRV) and radio (BNN, Radio 3), recorded vocals for EMI publishing, played original music with rock band Charing X in many venues like Paradiso and Melkweg Amsterdam and worked together with producers like Bary Beckett (Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart). In 2015 she spoke at a Tedx about finding freedom in singing. Freedom in singing is a great part of her work as an artist and as a CVT singing teacher: being independent artistically and finding your own voice within singing technique.

Jackie Please EP presentatie Utrecht 12-07-2013 - foto Pim GeertsJackie Please started working together with producer Evert Aalten (Boot Recordings) in 2005. Cordula and Evert started writing together and founded Jackie Please. They recorded the analogue EP ‘Suck you all in’ in 2012 and held a spectacular release party, combing music with dance, visuals, tape art and trash-design visuals like a gas pump as a sound system. In 2015 Jackie Please recorded a new EP “Stick with it”. This EP is released online in 2017.


Jackie Please knows how to make an amazing set of songs!


– 3voor12 Utrecht